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Nearby exoplanet reeks of rotten eggs
Published July 8, 2024
Johns Hopkins astronomers sniffed out the stinky atmosphere with Webb Telescope
Webb telescope reveals asteroid collision in neighboring star system
Published June 10, 2024
The observations spotlight the volatile processes that shape star systems like our own, offering a unique glimpse into the primordial stages of planetary formation
First glimpse of an exoplanet interior
Published May 20, 2024
Methane found in WASP-107 b reveals core mass, turbulent skies, and other key insights in the search for habitable worlds beyond our solar system
A clearer picture of our galaxy and beyond
Published Feb 27, 2024
Results demonstrate novel strategy to probe the physics and history of the universe
Which came first: black holes or galaxies?
Published Feb 6, 2024
Black holes not only existed at the dawn of time, they birthed new stars and supercharged galaxy formation, a new analysis of James Webb Space Telescope data suggests
Space exploration
Euclid space telescope data will shed light on evolution of dark universe
Published July 11, 2023
Three Hopkins scientists—Chuck Bennett, Brice Ménard, and Graeme Addison—are part of the science team that will analyze mission data
Could copycat black hole be a new type of star?
Published April 20, 2023
Though the mysterious object is a hypothetical mathematical construction, new simulations by Hopkins researchers suggest there could be other celestial bodies in space hiding from even the best telescopes on Earth
This new interactive map lets you scroll through the universe
Published Nov 17, 2022
New map of the universe displays for the first time the span of the entire known cosmos with pinpoint accuracy, sweeping beauty
Webb reveals unprecedented glimpse of merging galaxies
Published Oct 20, 2022
The findings by Johns Hopkins University and an international team offer an unprecedented opportunity to observe how billions of years ago galaxies coalesced into the modern universe
Faculty honors
Astrophysicist Chuck Bennett earns prestigious Rumford Prize
Published Jan 13, 2022
Bennett led the Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe, which 'transformed our view of the universe'; he will be recognized in a ceremony next month