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Observing a one-star meal
Published July 26, 2017
Scientists find new ways to track stars eaten by black holes, promising to help paint a clearer picture of this cosmic phenomenon
Can one cosmic mystery help solve another?
Published July 26, 2017
Astrophysicists from Johns Hopkins propose using mysterious fast radio bursts to help detect dark matter
Space scholar
Nobel laureate Adam Riess named 22nd BDP
Published July 26, 2017
Astrophysicist won 2011 Nobel Prize in physics for his team's discovery that the expansion rate of the universe is accelerating
Space Studies
Universe expanding faster than predicted
Published July 26, 2017
JHU Nobel laureate Adam Riess says findings could shed light on composition of the universe
Space exploration
First for CLASS
Published July 26, 2017 Video
High-powered telescope peering into origins of the universe receives 'first light'
Hot out there
Why fewer stars are born
Published July 26, 2017
Evidence suggests radiation, winds from quasars significantly slowed star formation
Wave Hunters
Wave hunters
Published Spring 2016
Johns Hopkins astrophysicists seek to find out what happened after the Big Bang / Johns Hopkins Magazine
What a blast
A galaxy far, far away
Published July 26, 2017
Spectrographic telescope could yield clues about how galaxies grow
Black hole devours star
Published July 26, 2017
JHU scientist leads international team in observing black hole swallowing star, ejecting flare moving at nearly the speed of light
JHU cosmologist honored
Published July 26, 2017
Alex Szalay receives IEEE Computer Society Sidney Fernbach Award