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A 'healthy debate' on convalescent plasma
Published Sept 24, 2020
Hopkins immunologist Arturo Casadevall explains the different federal responses to the COVID-19 treatment and why it's normal to lack consensus in science / The Wall Street Journal
Hopkins gets $35M for blood plasma clinical trials
Published July 30, 2020
Two nationwide clinical trials will test the effectiveness of an outpatient treatment that may help COVID-19 patients' immune systems fight the virus
Convalescent plasma: A COVID-19 treatment speeds to clinical trials
Published July 28, 2020
An old-school approach offers a fast, stopgap solution for a modern pandemic
Treating COVID-19
A fast-tracked therapy shows promise
Published April 8, 2020
Arturo Casadevall and his team have worked around the clock to develop a convalescent serum therapy using blood plasma from recovered patients
Treating COVID-19
Hopkins gets FDA approval to test blood plasma therapy
Published April 3, 2020
The treatment uses the blood sera from recovered COVID-19 patients to treat those who are critically ill or to boost immunity for those at high risk of contracting the disease
Hopkins-led COVID-19 treatment research receives funding
Published March 27, 2020
Public-private initiative including Bloomberg Philanthropies, state of Maryland will provide $4M to a JHU-led research team exploring therapeutic uses of blood plasma from recovered COVID-19 patients
Serum stopgap could slow COVID-19 spread
Published March 13, 2020
Infusions of antibody-laden blood have been used with reported success in prior outbreaks, including the SARS epidemic and the 1918 flu pandemic
Could a serum prevent COVID-19?
Published March 3, 2020
Infectious disease expert Arturo Casadevall looks to a forgotten case study for ways to prevent the spread of coronavirus / The Wall Street Journal
A lack of 'science' in forensic science
Published April 10, 2018
Many forensic methods commonly used in criminal cases have never been scientifically validated and may lead to unjust verdicts, experts say
New philosophy for biomedical education
Published Jan 3, 2018
Current programs teach students to conduct deep research but leave them ill-prepared for job market, Bloomberg School researchers write