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This weekend
Peabody alums perform at Artscape
Published July 18, 2018
Outcalls frontwomen Britt Olsen-Ecker and Melissa Wimbish bring award-winning operatic vocals to electronic pop
Artscape 2017
Fresh take on 'The Freshman'
Published July 14, 2017
Peabody alum Michael Britt adds organ accompaniment for 1925 slapstick silent movie starring Harold Lloyd
Artscape 2016
Sounds of summer
Published July 15, 2016
Johns Hopkins University stage attracts festival goers for musical performances and after hours dance parties
Artscape 2016
Star composition
Published July 12, 2016
Peabody alum Faye Chiao to perform Hubble-inspired work at Artscape this weekend
Johns Hopkins stage lineup
Published June 15, 2016 Video
Festival features funk, neo soul, indie pop, blues, hip hop and dance parties onstage in Station North
Artscape 2015
Sounds of summer
Published July 17, 2015
JHU-sponsored Station North Stage hosts regional indie performers, DJs