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Before "Farm to Table"
We are what they ate
Published Spring 2019
Exhibit traces the culinary heritage of the New World and the worldwide food exchange that emerged after Europeans traveled to the Americas / Johns Hopkins Magazine
The times were a-changin'
Published Jan 10, 2019
In Dylan, Motown, and the Beatles, students examine the dynamic and tumultuous period of the 1960s through lens of popular music
History class meets the digital age
Published Nov 7, 2018
JHU historian Martha Jones conducts required class discussions on Twitter, challenging her students to distill their thoughts and engage with subject-matter experts
The contested history of U.S. citizenship
Published Oct 31, 2018
Historian Martha Jones says birthright citizenship has built America's robust and diverse democracy / NPR
Race and rights
Published Aug 30, 2018
In her new book, 'Birthright Citizens,' historian Martha Jones explores slavery and freedom in antebellum Baltimore
Talking with Jessica Ziparo
Published Spring 2018
Historian and lawyer Jessica Ziparo explores how the first women to gain federal employment did and didn't open doors to other women entering the labor force / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Hamilton's life and legacy
Published Feb 19, 2018
Homewood Museum exhibit explores 'The Man Who Made Modern America'
'A bold assertion of political power and equality'
Published Feb 19, 2018
Historian Martha Jones says Michelle Obama portrait connects former first lady to the complex legacy of black women in the White House / The Washington Post
Documenting the Northern Neck
Published Winter 2017
A recently discovered trove of films documenting life in Virginia during the Great Depression reveal a Hopkins alum's love for his hometown / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Connolly on air
Published Dec 16, 2016
JHU historian to co-host 'BackStory with the American History Guys' radio program beginning Feb. 3