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Air pollution

New cool tools
Inhale, exhale, analyze
Published Winter 2017
With an EPA grant, a Hopkins team has built 250 WeatherCubes to help scientists, residents, and policymakers understand air quality / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Tax relief
Traffic fees helps kids breathe easier
Published March 2, 2017
JHU economist finds that congestion fees in Stockholm lowered pollution and had a positive effect on health
Pollution solutions?
SEARCH for cleaner air
Published March 2, 2016
New center will explore how energy policies, climate change affect air quality—and our health
Pollution solution
Published Jan 20, 2016
VW can do right by replacing diesel-run school buses, School of Public Health experts write / The New York Times
Super sprouts
Better drink your broccoli?
Published June 18, 2014
Broccoli sprout beverage enhances detoxification of air pollutants in clinical trial in China / School of Public Health