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Advanced academic programs

An immersive view of war in Ukraine
Published March 8, 2024
War Up Close exhibit incorporates 360-degree panoramic images, drone footage, and 3D modeling to capture the devastation of the conflict
Student spotlight
Mission for good
Published Sept 6, 2022
As part of Project Independence Day, Johns Hopkins graduate student Jonathan Klein helps purchase much-needed ambulances and deliver them to Ukraine
This week
How geospatial intelligence provides vital insights into Russia's invasion of Ukraine
Published March 14, 2022
Johns Hopkins experts, former CIA employees Michael Ard and Jack O'Connor will discuss the growing roles satellite, drone, and aircraft imagery play in intelligence gathering
Student spotlight
TikTok advocacy
Published Feb 7, 2022
JHU graduate student Florence-Olivia Genesse's feminist TikTok channel is changing minds—and saving lives
Ghosts of Cuba
Published Winter 2021
In Escape from Castro's Cuba, author Tim Wendel revisits Cuba and a cast of familiar characters / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Film and media
Video games and grieving
Published May 19, 2021
Video game creator Ryan Green and JHU immersive storytelling expert Gabo Arora discuss ways video games and interactive technologies can be used to create spaces for emotional transformations
Data and government
Survey identifies a growing need to hire data analysts in government
Published Oct 11, 2019
Having more employees with credentials in data analytics will allow government agencies to more effectively act on the data they collect
Nancy Norris-Kniffin dies at 77
Published Feb 16, 2017
Former MLA program director specialized in Southern literature, with particular emphasis on Faulkner, O'Connor
John Caron named associate dean of AAP
Published Dec 6, 2016
Advanced Academic Programs offer graduate degrees and certificates designed for working adults
'Difficult road for justice'
Published Aug 26, 2015
New book by JHU grad Ronnie Greene explores police shooting in wake of Hurricane Katrina