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Cell biology
A scientific first: Artificial hydrogels formed in living cells
Published Nov 19, 2017
Formation of these difficult-to-study cell structures could advance the understanding of how they contribute to diseases such as ALS
Undergraduate research
JHU 2nd at Collegiate Inventors Competition
Published Nov 19, 2017
Undergraduate students developed AssistENT, a device designed to open obstructed nostrils and aid sleep
The search for water on Mars
Published Nov 19, 2017
Lecture explores lingering questions relating to the presence of liquid water on the Red Planet
Big data
Meeting of the MINDS
Published Nov 19, 2017
New Mathematical Institute for Data Science aims to better understand the inner workings of big data analysis
STEM education
Middle-schoolers explore new frontiers
Published Nov 19, 2017
Local students get immersive, interactive tours of the labs at JHU's Montgomery County Campus
Complete wheat
Bread wheat breakthrough
Published Nov 19, 2017
Johns Hopkins researchers part of small team that solved complex genome puzzle / Nature
Smart data
A digital 'Sherlock Holmes'
Published Nov 19, 2017
Hopkins-led team receives $11M grant to build system that can extract useful information from video footage, photos, and other material
Mmmmm chocolate
Junk food science
Published Nov 19, 2017 Video
Food has the power to sneak in and grab our attention—especially junk food, study finds
High-tech tool projects spooky skeletons
Published Nov 19, 2017 Video
Don't let these creepy skeletons get under your skin—they're helping future doctors learn about anatomy
Center for Talented Youth
Bridging the math gap for low-income students
Published Nov 19, 2017
Program prepares middle school students for college level math so they can pursue STEM majors