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Mission to the sun
Special delivery
Published Jan 21, 2018
APL-built Parker Solar Probe heads to NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center for environmental testing
Efficient electricity
Gilded age of electric cars?
Published Jan 21, 2018
Technique makes electric car batteries more efficient and cost-effective, helping accelerate movement away from fossil fuels
Spider sense
Mysteries of the web
Published Jan 21, 2018 Video
Researchers aim to determine how spiders are able to build webs from spatial memory
Perceptual learning
Shorter breaks, better learning
Published Jan 21, 2018
Research suggests that for certain types of learning, success depends on the length of breaks during practice
Coalition seeks to increase transparency on life science career prospects
Published Jan 21, 2018
JHU joins eight research universities and a major cancer institute in effort to give would-be scientists clear data on education and career opportunities
Faculty inventors
Two named to National Academy of Inventors
Published Jan 21, 2018
WSE's Howard Katz, Russell Taylor join nine other JHU faculty who have been honored by the academy in the past
Open Data
Setting standards
Published Jan 21, 2018
New Data Standards Directory helps cities across the country report civic data like crime and election results in a consistent, uniform way
Design challenge
Ready to launch
Published Jan 21, 2018
Annual competition challenges mechanical engineering students to build a device to launch a foam football
Why we can't always stop what we've started
Published Jan 21, 2018
It takes a lightning-fast interaction among several areas in the brain to stop, reverse, or otherwise change a plan already in progress, neuroscientists find
Evolutionary biology
Meet Vadasaurus, an ancient sea creature
Published Jan 21, 2018
Fossil unlocks clues on evolution of certain types of reptiles from life on land to life in the sea / Hopkins Medicine