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Best seat in the house
Published Spring 2019
Thomas Dolby headlines virtual reality festival FUTVRE LANDS—kinda, sorta / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Mr. Science Television and the Hopkins show ahead of its time
Published Spring 2019
'The Johns Hopkins Science Review' aired from 1948 until 1955, beaming science and health research into living rooms around the country / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Wading into the Twittersphere
Published Spring 2019
Increasingly, scholars are turning to Twitter for sharing research and engaging with the public / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Body double
Published Spring 2019
Medical illustrator combines MRI data and 3D angiography data to create an educational model of the spine / Johns Hopkins Magazine
We're one step closer to building an elevator to space
Published Spring 2019
Biology inspires the technology that could allow scientists to build an elevator to space / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Written on your face
Published Spring 2019
Developed at the Applied Physics Lab, the Mixed-Reality Social Prosthesis is based on the skills of so-called human lie detectors / Johns Hopkins Magazine
In memoriam
Renowned pharmacologist Paul Talalay dies at 95
Published March 14, 2019
Considered the father of the field of 'chemoprotection,' his studies revealed the cancer-preventing properties of broccoli sprouts and other cruciferous vegetables
Faculty honors
Electrical and computer engineer honored
Published March 13, 2019
Muyinatu Bell named Maryland Outstanding Young Engineer for pioneering and innovative contributions to the field of photoacoustic-guided surgery
Breaking up asteroids is hard to do
Published March 4, 2019
Scientists model scenarios for breaking up or interrupting the path of asteroids on a collision course with Earth
Chemical engineering
Developing more flexible nanomaterials can make fuel cell cars cheaper
Published Feb 22, 2019
Scientists manipulate nanomaterials to make them a million times thinner than a strand of hair—dramatically increasing their reactivity