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Searching for signs of alien life
Published Dec 25, 2020
In the podcast "Wild Thing," host and SAIS alum Laura Krantz searches for evidence of extraterrestrial life
The future of face masks
Published Dec 22, 2020
Student engineering team wins $250,000 for adaptable surgical mask design in XPRIZE competition
STEM education
Video project introduces Baltimore City students to engineers and STEM career paths
Published Dec 22, 2020 Video
The SABES program for Baltimore City students adapted its in-person after-school program to include a new 'Meet the Engineer' video series
Making stuff up
Published Dec 22, 2020
The PARADIM Bulk Crystal Growth Facility makes the materials of tomorrow with the help of some very specialized, very hot furnaces
This is your brain on code
Published Dec 17, 2020
Using fMRI scans of computer programmers as they read code, researchers have discovered that the complex language processing takes place in the left hemisphere in a part of the brain dedicated to logical reasoning
Public health
A moment of truth for public health in America
Published Dec 10, 2020
Gathering Anthony Fauci and other leading public health figures, the Bloomberg American Health Summit examines COVID-19's far-ranging impact on U.S. health challenges
Outer space
Surer signs of life
Published Dec 8, 2020
Teams of civil space researchers at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab are developing a better class of tools for detecting signs of life on other planets and moons
Faculty honors
Five Johns Hopkins faculty named to National Academy of Inventors
Published Dec 8, 2020
Ramalingam Chellappa, Valina Dawson, Sharon Gerecht, Carol Greider, and Nitish Thakor are recognized for their inventions, discoveries, and breakthroughs that have made a difference in society
Fighting COVID-19: Using ultraviolet light to decontaminate CT scanners
Published Dec 7, 2020
CT scans are vital to imaging lung diseases including COVID-19, but disinfecting the machines between use is time consuming. One team of researchers may have landed on a solution.
Genetic sequencing
Johns Hopkins team develops software that cuts time, cost from gene sequencing
Published Dec 4, 2020
The open-source software has the potential to 'forever change how DNA sequencing is done,' according to computational biologist Michael Schatz