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Space exploration
JWST zooms in on 19 nearby spiral galaxies
Published Jan 29, 2024
Hopkins research scientist David Thilker explains how studying this treasure trove of images can help shed light on the star formation process
Genome mapped for dozens of animals
Published Jan 29, 2024
Data gathered using software developed by Johns Hopkins University computer scientists will have 'huge implications' for understanding human health and evolution
Why people see colors dogs can't
Published Jan 11, 2024
With human retinas grown in a petri dish, researchers discover how humans generate specialized cells that enable us to see millions of colors
Innovative care
Hopkins AITC announces additional awardees of second funding round
Published Jan 5, 2024
Grant recipients will receive funding to develop new artificial intelligence technologies to promote healthy aging
Faculty honors
Two named to National Academy of Inventors
Published Dec 20, 2023
Materials scientist Hai-Quan Mao, cancer researcher Victor Velculescu among 162 fellows recognized for contributions to science and society
Could an electric nudge help a doctor use a surgical robot?
Published Dec 20, 2023
Gentle electric currents help people learn to maneuver a robotic surgery tool in virtual reality and real settings
Animal cognition
Apes remember friends they haven't seen for decades
Published Dec 18, 2023
Study finds the longest lasting non-human social memories ever documented
Book recommendations from Hopkins scholars
Published Dec 18, 2023
We asked faculty members, library staff, and many others about the best books they read in 2023. This is what they told us.
Materials science
Nanoparticles amplify potential cancer vaccine power
Published Dec 14, 2023
New method developed by Johns Hopkins researchers could enhance the body's ability to fight cancer and make vaccines more effective in targeting tumors
A space for women programmers
Published Winter 2023
R-Ladies Baltimore aims to give women a supportive space to hone their programming skills / Johns Hopkins Magazine