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Autism research
Tooth fairy in the lab
Published Aug 23, 2017
Scientists study unexpected source of information about in utero exposure to harmful materials: baby teeth
Science of Learning
What learning research looks like
Published Aug 23, 2017
About 150 educators take part in first-ever Science in Action Day at Johns Hopkins
Mission impastable
Unsteady spaghetti
Published Aug 23, 2017
Student engineers put spaghetti structures to the test in annual Spaghetti Bridge competition
STEM Education
Making room for spatial learning
Published Aug 23, 2017
Science of Learning Institute pilot program will introduce spatial learning—a factor in STEM success—into third-grade curriculum
Engineering Innovation
Capellini crush
Published Aug 23, 2017
Aspiring engineers build—then bust—brittle pasta bridges in annual Spaghetti Bridge Competition
Interdisciplinary scholar
Trauma care expert named 30th BDP
Published Aug 23, 2017
In more than 35 years at JHU, Ellen MacKenzie has produced transformative research on injury prevention, recovery
What fish can teach us about our eyes
Published Aug 23, 2017
Study of how zebrafish regenerate eye tissue may one day advance efforts to combat degenerative eye disease damage in humans / Hopkins Medicine
Technology ventures
Health, fitness accelerator launches in East Baltimore
Published Aug 23, 2017
M-1 Ventures, which begins Sept. 5, will be based at FastForward East
Cell biology
How old are your cells?
Published Aug 23, 2017
Determining cell age more accurately could help clinicians delay effects of age-related health decline
Senior earns Astronaut Scholarship
Published Aug 23, 2017
Alfred Chin, an aspiring doctor, is pursuing a double major in neuroscience, biophysics