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Donors can track how science uses their tissue but stay anonymous
Published Oct 25, 2022
Pilot program will enable patients to track use of their tissue samples through blockchain technology.
Faculty Honors
Muyinatu Bell honored for promoting diversity and inclusion in imaging technologies
Published Oct 24, 2022
The Science Diversity Leadership Award honors Bell's work in creating inclusive, improved imaging technologies to detect breast cancer
Water treatment
Filtration methods remove harmful 'forever chemicals' from drinking water
Published Oct 24, 2022
Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, known as PFAS, are industrial chemicals that are commonly found in drinking water despite being hazardous to human health
Research funding
PeriPath device could improve cardiac procedures for pediatric patients
Published Oct 21, 2022
The student-led team has been awarded an NIH grant for their device that eliminates the need for open-chest surgery when implanting cardiac devices
Newly created protein a step toward preventing autoimmune disorders
Published Oct 21, 2022
Researchers design a protein that can activate and increase the number of specialized cells that can prevent the onset of autoimmune disorders
Study: EPA approach to assessing chemical health risks falls short
Published Oct 20, 2022
The Lautenberg Act was designed to shore up toxic substance safety assessments, but regulators are not using best practices, Johns Hopkins researcher finds
Student experience
A new generation of investors
Published Oct 20, 2022
A-Level Capital, a student-run venture capital firm founded by Hopkins alums, provides undergraduates with hands-on experience in early-stage investing while supporting alumni-founded startups
Webb reveals unprecedented glimpse of merging galaxies
Published Oct 20, 2022
The findings by Johns Hopkins University and an international team offer an unprecedented opportunity to observe how billions of years ago galaxies coalesced into the modern universe
Faculty honors
Two from Hopkins win Packard Fellowship
Published Oct 18, 2022
The award is accompanied by $875,000 over five years in flexible funding to explore new frontiers in their fields of study
Ammonia may unlock secrets to cleaner, greener energy
Published Oct 14, 2022
Research effort led by Bloomberg Distinguished Professor Michael Tsapatsis aims to test ammonia's potential as a liquid storage medium