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Student innovation
A starting point for startups
Published April 19, 2018
The Hatchery helps student entrepreneurs overcome early obstacles to launching a business
STEM education
A challenge full of twists and turns
Published April 19, 2018
Area Girl Scouts learn engineering principles by building miniature roller coasters
Enhancing drone safety
Published April 19, 2018
Three cybersecurity grad students work to prevent hacking attacks on drones
Mission to the sun
One hot ticket
Published April 19, 2018 Video
Sign up to send your name to the sun aboard NASA's Parker Solar Probe
Mechanical engineering
Instrumental design
Published April 19, 2018
Making banjos is an ideal way to learn basic engineering design skills, instructor Nathan Scott says
Women of Hopkins
NASA space medicine chief aimed for the stars
Published April 19, 2018
Award-winning scientist, JHU alum Nitza CintrĂ³n is a noted pioneer for women and Hispanics in science
Cancer and the artillery of physics
Published Spring 2018
Andrew Ewald is at the vanguard of a generation of scientists determined to uncover the complexities of cancer / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Going platinum
Published Spring 2018
Hopkins engineer has come up with a technique to make fuel cells for electric cars cheaper and more effective: coating inexpensive cobalt with a layer of platinum atoms 100,000 times thinner than a strand of hair / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Spencer Grace's last gift
Published Spring 2018
Rapid autopsy procedures shed light on how deadly diseases develop and how they might be cured in the future / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Robo Roaches
Published Spring 2018
Hate the cockroach all you want, but there's a lot mechanical engineers can learn from its physical prowess / Johns Hopkins Magazine