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Health policy
ARPA-H leaders to participate in Health Policy Forum discussion
Published April 29, 2024
Renee Wegrzyn, director of the Advanced Research Projects Agency for Health, and Kimberley Steele, ARPA-H program manager, join Medicine Dean Theodore DeWeese for a conversation on April 30
Electrical Engineering
Sparking hope for migraine relief
Published April 29, 2024
Johns Hopkins electrical engineering students are developing a device targeting the root cause of chronic headaches
Mechanical engineering
Students aim to take the bite out of noisy dental drills
Published April 29, 2024
Mechanical engineering majors at Johns Hopkins created a device that dampens the din of dental drills during procedures
Easy EKG for a chimpanzee
Published April 26, 2024
Whiting School undergraduates created PulseApe: a primate-friendly trapeze bar fitted with EKG sensors to capture the chimps' heart activity while they play and swing
Animal cognition
'Surprisingly strategic' mice think like babies
Published April 26, 2024
Findings by Johns Hopkins neuroscientists deepen our understanding of animal cognition
Design day
Solving puzzles for prey at the Maryland Zoo
Published April 26, 2024
Johns Hopkins undergraduate engineers bring the thrill of the hunt to bobcats Kilgore and Josie with their high-tech take on the classic 'Whac-A-Mole' arcade game
Student team competes in national hydropower challenge
Published April 25, 2024
Johns Hopkins students' multidisciplinary, fish-friendly design aims to unlock untapped energy source
Environmental Engineering
Student engineers flex their mussels to fight nutrient pollution
Published April 25, 2024
A team of undergraduates partnered with Baltimore City to clean up Back River and the Patapsco
Faculty honors
Muyinatu Bell receives Alan T. Waterman Award
Published April 24, 2024
Recognized for her pioneering research spanning photoacoustic and ultrasound imaging, Bell is first Hopkins winner in the award's 48-year history
3 questions
EPA phases out PFAS
Published April 19, 2024
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency imposes first-ever regulations limiting chemicals known as PFAS, or forever chemicals, in drinking water