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Bitcoin's boom
The future of finance?
Published Feb 19, 2018
Over the past year, bitcoin has soared in value, reaching as high as $19,000 per coin. But what exactly is it, and how does it work?
A better look at brain behavior
Published Feb 19, 2018 Video
Electroencephalography cap helps scientists understand what we pay attention to—and what we ignore
Technology ventures
Support for cancer research
Published Feb 19, 2018
Bluefield Innovations backs project that aims to develop first-in-class small molecule drug
Outer space
A Titan proposal
Published Feb 19, 2018
NASA selects for further development APL's Dragonfly mission to explore Saturn's largest moon
Mechanical engineering
Custom Christmas gift
Published Feb 19, 2018 Video
A group of Hopkins students have a special gift just in time for Christmas for a 2-year-old with a rare genetic disorder
Mission to the sun
Special delivery
Published Feb 19, 2018
APL-built Parker Solar Probe heads to NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center for environmental testing
Efficient electricity
Gilded age of electric cars?
Published Feb 19, 2018
Technique makes electric cars more efficient and cost-effective, helping accelerate movement away from fossil fuels
Spider sense
Mysteries of the web
Published Feb 19, 2018 Video
Researchers aim to determine how spiders are able to build webs from spatial memory
Perceptual learning
Shorter breaks, better learning
Published Feb 19, 2018
Research suggests that for certain types of learning, success depends on the length of breaks during practice
Coalition seeks to increase transparency on life science career prospects
Published Feb 19, 2018
JHU joins eight research universities and a major cancer institute in effort to give would-be scientists clear data on education and career opportunities