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3 Questions
How science can help countries forge unlikely connections
Published April 12, 2024
By finding common ground in science, nations with otherwise strained relationships can build ties and establish friendships, says Nobel laureate and science diplomat Peter Agre
Faculty honors
Two awarded Guggenheim Fellowships
Published April 11, 2024
Jenann Ismael, Marc Kamionkowski among 188 scholars honored for prior career achievement, exceptional promise
Marine biology
What's quieter than a fish? A school
Published April 9, 2024
Swimming in schools makes fish surprisingly stealthy underwater, with a group able to sound like a single fish
Rare 'Hophenge' solar event
Published April 9, 2024
On the evening of the solar eclipse, the Hopkins community enjoyed a second celestial event: "Hophenge," when the sun perfectly aligned with the Gilman Hall spire
Space science
Undergrads help NASA uncover the mysteries of Venus
Published April 8, 2024
Students are learning the ins and outs of the Venusian atmosphere and building a sensor for NASA's DAVINCI mission, thanks to the vision of APL planetary scientist Noam Izenberg and a small team of faculty experts
Hopkins experts discuss the total solar eclipse
Published April 5, 2024
Panelists encouraged viewers to witness the rare event on April 8 firsthand if possible, and shared the science behind what makes a total solar eclipse so special
New Jersey earthquake makes waves in Baltimore
Published April 5, 2024
A seismometer on the Homewood campus picked up Friday's earthquake, says Earth and Planetary Sciences Professor Benjamin Fernando
Environmental health
California leads U.S. emissions of little-known greenhouse gas
Published April 3, 2024
The state emits more of the common pesticide sulfuryl fluoride than the rest of country combined, a JHU study finds
In memoriam
Richard E. McCarty dies at 85
Published March 29, 2024
McCarty was a central figure in advances in the understanding of photosynthesis and photosynthetic energy conversion
Space exploration
A bigger, bolder moon shot
Published Spring 2024
NASA's ambitious moon return involves plans to build a long-term human presence in the solar system / Johns Hopkins Magazine