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Artificial intelligence
Educators should embrace AI and ChatGPT, JHU experts say
Published Sept 26, 2023
Panelists discuss the pros and cons of using generative chatbots in the classroom, express optimism that AI can enhance learning
Biomolecular engineering
Could hydrogel make HIV therapy more convenient?
Published Sept 25, 2023
Injectable solution that self-assembles into a gel could help manage HIV unlike any currently available methods
Graduate student honors
Five named Siebel Scholars
Published Sept 25, 2023
Annual award recognizes world's top graduate students from leading institutions of bioengineering, computer science, energy science, and business
Crunchtime for coders
Published Sept 22, 2023
HopHacks brings college students to Hopkins every year to 'hack' together solutions to real-world problems in just 36 hours
Mechanical engineering
New microscopy method holds promise for treating resistant cancers
Published Sept 22, 2023
Approach could help optimize clinical decisions
Biomedical engineering
Student team among Collegiate Inventors Competition finalists
Published Sept 21, 2023
They developed the Bronchosleeve, a novel catheter to improve a common chest surgery procedure
Convalescent plasma treatment may lower long COVID risk
Published Sept 20, 2023
Plasma from recovered patients, helpful in preventing severe COVID, could also decrease likelihood of post-COVID symptoms
Sustainable energy
JHU researchers join push for 100% renewable energy power grids
Published Sept 18, 2023
New Electric Power Innovation for a Carbon-free Society center will collaborate with international partners to decarbonize global energy sector
35 under 35
Hopkins engineer named to MIT innovator list
Published Sept 15, 2023
Yayuan Liu recognized for her work creating carbon-capture devices
Tiny tubes target hard-to-treat cancer
Published Sept 15, 2023
Technology developed by JHU engineers could eventually treat an aggressive type of breast cancer