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Artificial intelligence
AI data better than the real thing
Published March 20, 2023
Hopkins researchers find that algorithms trained on manufactured data can be even better than the real thing for important surgical tasks
Space safety
Hopkins, Carnegie Mellon to co-lead new NASA institute
Published March 16, 2023
The JHU-CMU team is spearheading a Space Technology Research Institute to prevent failure in additively manufactured spaceflight materials
Biomedical engineering
Heart tissue heads to space
Published March 15, 2023
The experiments on the International Space Station aim to inform researchers' understanding and treatment of age-related cardiac problems
Scientists complete first map of an insect brain
Published March 9, 2023
Researchers from Hopkins and Cambridge map the brain of a baby fruit fly, a landmark achievement that brings scientists closer to true understanding of the mechanism of thought
How AI can help combat climate change
Published March 7, 2023
Hopkins AI expert Jim Bellingham discusses potential uses of AI to track and mitigate the effects of climate change ahead of a March 15 presentation at the South by Southwest Conference
Can we trust AI?
Published March 6, 2023
From Alexa to a robot running amok in the movie 'M3GAN', artificial intelligence is part of everyday life and is capturing our imagination. Johns Hopkins AI expert Rama Chellappa helps us sort out fact from fiction, and whether we should embrace the 'AI spring'.
Disease treatment
Check this out: A new approach to creating antibody libraries
Published March 1, 2023
The new approach to antibody libraries could expedite the antibody-creation process and accelerate the discovery of therapeutic antibody candidates and vaccines
Mechanical engineering
The lowdown on lower back pain
Published March 1, 2023
Study investigates the source of back and joint pain with the goal of reverse engineering treatments
Could future computers run on human brain cells?
Published Feb 28, 2023
Hopkins researchers tout the promise of 'organoid intelligence,' which could one-day yield computers that are faster, more efficient, and more powerful than silicon-based computing and AI
Ancient proteins offer new clues about origins of life on Earth
Published Feb 27, 2023
In early Earth simulation co-led by Hopkins researchers, scientists gain insights into how amino acids shaped the genetic code of ancient microorganisms