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Research funding
Major dough for researcher making computers out of yeast
Published July 23, 2018
Biomolecular engineer Rebecca Schulman receives $1.5 million grant to build computer out of biological materials
Behind the scenes with the Parker Solar Probe
Published July 23, 2018
Videographer Lee Hobson and photographer Ed Whitman spend their days documenting mankind's mission to "touch" the sun
Measurements of the universe provide evidence of the unknown
Published July 23, 2018
Astronomers calculate most accurate measurement to date of universe's expansion rate, providing further evidence of a physics mystery
An alternative to animal testing?
Published July 23, 2018
Database of 10,000 chemical compounds shown to be more reliable than animal testing at predicting toxicity
Graduate education
New Doctor of Engineering program accepts applications this fall
Published July 23, 2018
Whiting School will accept applications in September for program designed with the needs of working engineers in mind
Humanitarian hackathon for Gaza
Published July 23, 2018
Design challenge teams in Baltimore and the Gaza Strip use enhanced audiovisual technology to collaborate, innovate
Parkinson's disease
Study identifies potential Parkinson's treatment
Published July 23, 2018
In mouse study, experimental drug similar to FDA-approved diabetes treatments shown to prevent motor impairment, extend life expectancy
Biomedical engineering
Bringing a human touch to prosthetics
Published July 23, 2018
When layered on top of prosthetic hands, e-dermis device brings back a real sense of touch through the fingertips
Biomedical engineering
Students take 2nd in national competition
Published July 23, 2018
PneumoNIX team develops approach to reduce risk of collapsed lung during lung biopsy
Parker Solar Probe
Spacecraft's launch window delayed
Published July 23, 2018
Historic mission to the sun, managed by JHU's Applied Physics Lab, will now begin no earlier than Aug. 4