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Faculty honors
Lauren Gardner wins Merck prize to advance pandemic tracking
Published July 10, 2024
Engineering professor receives Future Insight Prize for groundbreaking contributions to tracking the COVID-19 pandemic, leading to the development of AI systems capable of detecting and tracking future pandemics
Mechanical engineering
Surprising similarities between fish, pro cyclists
Published July 9, 2024
Research reveals fish swim in schools to save energy, just like cyclists in a Tour de France peloton
Nearby exoplanet reeks of rotten eggs
Published July 8, 2024
Johns Hopkins astronomers sniffed out the stinky atmosphere with Webb Telescope
No rescue needed for Starliner, says Johns Hopkins space expert
Published July 5, 2024
Johns Hopkins engineer Patrick Binning clarifies misconceptions about 'stranded' astronauts, emphasizes importance of data collection
Brains can tune their navigation system without landmarks
Published June 27, 2024
Johns Hopkins team discovers visual motion clues alone help recalibrate your brain's internal GPS
Hopkins renewable energy lab slated for R House in Baltimore
Published June 27, 2024
The Ralph S. O'Connor Sustainable Energy Institute secured a state government grant to establish an energy technology lab in Baltimore's Remington neighborhood
Environmental health
Team targets safety of fertilizers made from wastewater sludge
Published June 25, 2024
Johns Hopkins researchers create new list of possibly toxic contaminants commonly found in biosolids nationwide
She dared to dig
Published Summer 2024
Trailblazing geologist Florence Bascom's stony path to becoming the first woman to receive her PhD from Johns Hopkins / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Bacteria are talking
Published Summer 2024
Molecular biologist Bonnie Bassler, A&S '90 (PhD), discovered that bacteria communicate using a complex chemical language. / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Cracking open the fossil record
Published Summer 2024
Jasmina Wiemann's PaLEO Lab looks at fossils for new clues about how life evolved and how it will persist—or not—during the sixth mass extinction / Johns Hopkins Magazine