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MAY 17
Workshop: The Art of Delivering Difficult Messages
Published April 10, 2024
Learn skills necessary to deliver tough news and techniques needed for handling questions
MAY 14
Workshop: Telephone Skills for Enhanced Customer Service
Published April 10, 2024
Topics include effective presentation, proper etiquette, and control of calls
Join the JHU Out of the Darkness Campus Walk
Published March 14, 2024
The goal of the annual event is to increase awareness of mental health and suicide prevention
Washington Nationals to host JHU Day at the ballpark on May 3
Published March 14, 2024
Purchase your tickets now to receive an exclusive Johns Hopkins University Day T-shirt
Workshop: Understanding Your Conflict Resolution Style
Published March 12, 2024
This course is designed to help staff realize how conflict is essential for a healthy team and to identify leadership skills needed to accommodate it
Workshop: Mastering Your Memory
Published March 12, 2024
Your takeaways? Elevated people skills, presenting without notes, heightened levels of focus, and improved mental organization
Workshop: Impromptu Speaking
Published March 12, 2024
Become a better facilitator or conversationalist to get better results in your work and personal lives course
MARCH 25 & 26
Workshop: Presentation Skills for a Virtual Audience
Published Feb 15, 2024
How information is presented can determine the effectiveness of the message and its outcome
Workshop: Managing Up for Supervisors and Non-Supervisors
Published Feb 15, 2024
Explore specific strategies and customize best practices that will help you add value to your professional portfolio
Workshop: Remaining Positive in Times of Crisis
Published Feb 15, 2024
This program has been designed to help you navigate issues caused by the pandemic