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DEC. 15
Workshop: Get Connected! Learning to Network in Today's World
Published Nov 10, 2022
The how, why, and where of making and maintaining contacts will be discussed in depth
DEC. 6 & 7
Workshop: Sparking Innovation and Creativity
Published Nov 10, 2022
Ready to see and do things in new ways? If so, this course is for you
DEC. 5 & 6
Workshop: Getting Results Without Direct Authority
Published Nov 10, 2022
Find out how to build relationships and get things done with less stress and fewer headaches
College Access Night for parents of middle and high school students set for Nov. 17
Published Nov 2, 2022
Event is designed to support faculty and staff interested in learning more about the admissions process, as well as the tuition benefits JHU offers for families
DEC. 6
Workshop: Communications—Resolving Differences, Building Collaboration (Thinking Like a Team)
Published Oct 17, 2022
Communicating well leads to streamlined workloads, easier collaboration and innovation, and reduced tension and do-overs
NOV. 16
Learn all about Live Near Your Work homebuying grants
Published Oct 13, 2022
Program specialist Jeremy Hornberger explains the rules and how to apply for this employee benefit
NOV. 7 TO 11
Register now for Family Building events
Published Oct 12, 2022
Planning, expecting, and new parents will learn about Johns Hopkins benefits and leave policies, Worklife programs, and available services, and will hear from subject matter experts
NOV. 15
Workshop: Remaining Positive in Times of Crisis
Published Oct 12, 2022
This program has been designed to help you navigate issues caused by the pandemic
NOV. 2
Workshop: Mastering Your Memory
Published Oct 12, 2022
Your takeaways? Elevated people skills, presenting without notes, heightened levels of focus, and improved mental organization
Celebrating 25 years of developing JHU leaders
Published Oct 6, 2022 Photos
HR's Leadership Development Program now counts close to 800 faculty and staff members among its alums