JAN. 7
Workshop: Achievement Now
Published Dec 11, 2019
Here's how to break out of the 'business as usual' approach
MLK Jr. Commemoration set for Jan. 17
Published Dec 11, 2019
Keynote speakers will discuss our progress as a society since King's death in 1968
DEC. 24
Remembering—and celebrating—Johns Hopkins, the man
Published Dec 6, 2019
Beneficiaries of his namesake institutions to gather on 146th anniversary of his death
DEC. 17
Workshop: Critical Thinking Skills for Today's Employee
Published Nov 15, 2019
Mastering the process improves communication, problem-solving, and overall decision making
DEC. 10
Workshop: Speak Like a Pro
Published Nov 15, 2019
Learn proven techniques for planning, practicing, and delivering public presentations
DEC. 3 OR 5
Workshop: Retire Right From Johns Hopkins
Published Nov 14, 2019
Are you a faculty or staff member within 10 years of retirement? If so, this nonfinancial retirement planning workshop is for you
How to plan a zero-waste event
Published Nov 4, 2019
The easy way to start: Use an approved green caterer and focus only on the items that guests interact with
A roaring good time
Published Oct 14, 2019 Photos
Fall Fest—the university's annual staff appreciation event—staked out new territory this year, landing at the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore on Saturday
Workshop: Plan for Your Financial Future
Published Oct 10, 2019
Early career to midcareer employees are invited to learn about the six components of the financial planning process
NOV. 5
Workshop: Coaching and Teambuilding Skills for Leaders
Published Oct 8, 2019
Gain the expertise you need to make your team more cohesive, motivated, and productive