Whiting staff have a Field Day

Potato sacks, hula hoops, pizza, and ice cream were all part of the outdoor team-building fun

Inspired by this year's upcoming Summer Olympic Games, the Whiting School held a Field Day on June 4 at Homewood Field. It was an opportunity for staff to come together to enjoy outdoor fun and celebrate the school's success as it embarks on an unprecedented expansion.

Over the next five years, Johns Hopkins University—led by the Whiting School of Engineering—will build a transformational Data Science and AI Institute, envisioned as the nation's foremost destination for emerging applications, opportunities, and challenges presented by data science, machine learning, and AI. The school will double in size with the hiring of more than 150 world-class experts, including 30 new Bloomberg Distinguished Professors.

At the event, more than 100 Whiting staff members enjoyed pizza, ice cream, and team-building games and activities. Bragging rights and ribbons were awarded to the winners of the following games:

  • Potato sack race (team event)
  • Cup stacking (team event)
  • Egg-and-spoon race (team event)
  • Hula hoop contest (individual event)
  • Tug-of-war (team event)

Those who did not compete enjoyed people watching and cheering on their co-workers.

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