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Zika virus

Zika virus
Misinformation, amplified
Published May 24, 2016
Social media conspiracy theories could undermine efforts to combat Zika virus, experts caution
Zika virus
Experts address need for Zika virus funding
Published May 24, 2016
Economic model developed at BSPH suggests cost of Zika infection in southern states could exceed $2B / The Baltimore Sun
Zika virus
'Mini-brains' help show how Zika affects fetal cortex
Published April 22, 2016
Researchers confirm key process by which virus causes microcephaly, other damage in fetal brains
Pregnancy and public health
Published April 15, 2016
Group to develop guidelines for inclusion of pregnant women in public health research
Zika hackathon
Fighting the bite
Published April 11, 2016
Modified mosquito trap, repellent soap among top designs at Zika virus challenge
Zika challenge
Protection by design
Published March 31, 2016
Wanted: Solutions to prevent mosquito bites, stop Zika's spread
Zika research
Zika kills cells key to early brain development
Published March 4, 2016 Video
JHU researchers contribute to breakthrough study showing likely biological link between Zika virus, microcephaly
Global health
Analysis: What new Zika virus findings mean
Published March 4, 2016
New study 'incredibly important' to understanding of Zika and how it affects infants, maternal health expert says
Zika virus
Staying protected
Published Feb 29, 2016 Video
How to guard against Zika virus while traveling to affected areas
Public health
Zika virus: What's next?
Published Feb 25, 2016
Questions remain as experts work to understand virus, prevent its spread