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Snow selfie
New year's first flakes
Published Jan 6, 2015
First snowfall of the new year dusts JHU's Homewood campus
In the dark
Power grid predictions
Published Dec 15, 2014
Power supplies in coastal U.S. cities increasingly at risk due to climate change, JHU model shows
Pretty in pink
Spring has arrived (finally)!
Published April 9, 2014
Spring is in bloom on the Homewood campus at Johns Hopkins, and isn't it marvelous?
Au Wyman Quad
Une tour de glace
Published Feb 17, 2014
Who created graceful ice sculpture on Hopkins quad? C'est un grand mystère
Winter break
Slopestyle, Hopkins-style
Published Feb 14, 2014 Photos
Nearly a foot of snow falls on campus, and JHU students take to the hills
Endless winter
Why so much snow?
Published Feb 13, 2014
We ask JHU's Ben Zaitchik, whose research involves understanding, coping with climatic variability
Winter games
Photos: Fun in the snow
Published Dec 9, 2013 Photos
Snowstorm drops several inches, students head to The Beach for sledding and a snowball battle
Next top model?
Planning for disasters
Published Oct 28, 2013
JHU-led project aims to help region better withstand hurricanes, heat waves
Spring wonderland?
Published March 26, 2013 Photos
Early spring snowburst drops a few inches of wet snow on JHU campuses
Snow fail
Published March 6, 2013 Photos
All JHU day and evening classes canceled as winter weather moves through the region