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Virtual reality

An immersive view of war in Ukraine
Published March 8, 2024
War Up Close exhibit incorporates 360-degree panoramic images, drone footage, and 3D modeling to capture the devastation of the conflict
Artificial intelligence
Unleashing the digital Michelangelo
Published July 12, 2023
Johns Hopkins and NVIDIA researchers teamed up to pioneer Neuralangelo, a revolutionary 3D reconstruction algorithm with applications in virtual reality, autonomous systems, and more
Emma Needell goes home again
Published Fall 2022
Screenwriter Emma Needell, A&S '12, returned to her family's Colorado ranch to film Life Rendered, her new film about a cowboy who uses virtual reality to explore his secret inner self / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Film and media
Video games and grieving
Published May 19, 2021
Video game creator Ryan Green and JHU immersive storytelling expert Gabo Arora discuss ways video games and interactive technologies can be used to create spaces for emotional transformations
Technology and health
School of Nursing introduces a new, cost-effective form of training: Virtual reality
Published March 12, 2021
The VR software places a student in an ER setting with a nursing assistant who introduces a virtual patient facing a particular dilemma
Written on your face
Published Spring 2019
Developed at the Applied Physics Lab, the Mixed-Reality Social Prosthesis is based on the skills of so-called human lie detectors / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Emerging media
The immersive world of Gabo
Published Summer 2018
Filmmaker Gabo Arora uses virtual reality to enable people to walk in another person's shoes / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Virtual world, present danger
Published April 20, 2018
Extended reality film experience about nuclear fallout and Hiroshima premieres at Tribeca Film Festival
Sound's future
Published Winter 2016
Thomas Dolby's memoir explores the future of music's creation and use / Johns Hopkins Magazine