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Could COVID-19 vaccines become mandatory in the U.S.?
Published Nov 20, 2020
While there is legislative precedent for vaccine mandates, legal and public health expert Joanne Rosen says other strategies could help U.S. states achieve widespread vaccination for COVID-19
COVID-19 pandemic enters its most serious phase in U.S.
Published Nov 19, 2020
Amid record surges of the coronavirus, Johns Hopkins public health experts advise hunkering down to save lives in the months ahead
Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine reaches clinical milestone
Published Nov 11, 2020
Two experts from Johns Hopkins assess reports that a Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine has 90% efficacy in clinical trials
The state of coronavirus vaccine development in the U.S.
Published Oct 7, 2020
Virtual symposium cohosted by JHU and the University of Washington brought together leading experts from government, media, and academia
Vaccine opponents unite around a 'civil liberties' argument on social media, study finds
Published Oct 2, 2020
Anti-vaxxer strategy shift on Facebook may signal a fierce fight over an eventual COVID-19 vaccine
Why the suspended AstraZeneca trial is good news for vaccine safety
Published Sept 10, 2020
Emergency medicine specialist Lauren Sauer tells 'Bloomberg' that although the setback delays coronavirus vaccine development, the final product will be safer for the public / Bloomberg
How close are we to a safe, effective vaccine?
Published Aug 11, 2020
Vaccine expert Ruth Karron answers important questions about the process for developing a COVID-19 vaccine
Daniel Polsky named to panel on equitable allocation of COVID-19 vaccines
Published July 31, 2020
Bloomberg Distinguished Professor with appointments in the Carey Business School and Bloomberg School of Public Health joins a panel of experts who will advise policymakers on the fair allocation of COVID-19 vaccines
Taming COVID-19 requires urgent search for both vaccine and treatment
Published May 28, 2020
Johns Hopkins lecturer Bonnie Robeson, who led drug discovery and development during AIDS epidemic, shares why scientists should prioritize finding a suitable therapy for COVID-19 as well as a vaccine
Coronavirus vaccine won't emerge overnight
Published April 16, 2020
Supriya Munshaw, an expert in the commercialization of early-stage technologies at the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School, discusses the process of developing a vaccine for COVID-19