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Vaccine hesitancy and ways of reducing it
Published July 22, 2021
Messages that emphasize vaccination within people's social groups shown to be more effective at reversing vaccine hesitancy than messages that highlight national vaccine statistics
Facts about the vax
Published April 8, 2021
Johns Hopkins launches campaign to help people make informed decisions about COVID-19 vaccines
Vaccine platforms
For mRNA vaccines, COVID-19 is just the beginning
Published Feb 15, 2021
Easy to manufacture and update, these new vaccines may be a powerful tool against emerging variants and other infectious diseases
'Another level of confidence and security'
Published Dec 22, 2020
The first Johns Hopkins health care workers receive the COVID-19 vaccine, marking a turning point in the coronavirus pandemic
Side effects and COVID-19 vaccines: What to expect
Published Dec 18, 2020
It's totally normal to experience side effects from COVID-19 vaccines. Here's what you need to know.
Johns Hopkins receives first shipment of COVID-19 vaccine
Published Dec 15, 2020 Video
Vaccination of health care personnel will begin Wednesday and will follow a prioritization plan developed in accordance with state, federal guidance
Risk calculator
Online COVID-19 mortality risk calculator could help determine who should get vaccines first
Published Dec 11, 2020
Calculator developed by researchers at Johns Hopkins factors in pre-existing health conditions and sociodemographic and environmental factors to determine individual and community-level risk
The business of delivering a pandemic vaccine
Published Dec 4, 2020
'COVID-19 vaccination will present one of the greatest logistics challenges in human history,' says Tinglong Dai, an expert in health care industry operations management and business analytics
When will pregnant women benefit from a COVID-19 vaccine?
Published Dec 1, 2020
The hopes raised by the rapid development of vaccines don't yet extend to pregnant women, but their safety and needs must be considered during vaccine distribution, experts say
Boosting diversity in COVID-19 vaccine clinical trials
Published Nov 30, 2020
From the pandemic's earliest days, the coronavirus hit hardest in Black, Latinx, and Native American communities. Work is needed to ensure the vaccine will be effective for all.