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Women's History Month
'Instruments of change'
Published March 30, 2018
How Hopkins' first female undergraduates found their way
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Whiskey proposition
Published Aug 11, 2016
In 1920, JHU professor John B. Watson sought 34 gallons of whiskey for 'research for educational purposes'
Screen shots
A guide to Hopkins on film, TV
Published Oct 13, 2015
Homewood campus, Peabody Conservatory, East Baltimore campus have made cameos big and small over the years
Alternate Hopkins history
Published April 14, 2015
Professor writing a history of Hopkins discusses events that could have changed the shape of the university
A glimpse into Hopkins' past
Published Nov-Dec 2014
Johns Hopkins History Project gets a new virtual home, Hopkins Retrospective / Gazette
An orchard reimagined
Published Sept-Oct 2014
Nine heirloom fruit trees will be planted on Homewood campus in September / Gazette
A tale of two houses
Published Dec 2013
How JHU landed at Homewood rather than at its founder's longtime summer house, Clifton / Gazette
Privy to history
Published Winter 2012
A privy, a bedpan, and 100-year-old graffiti—the Homewood Museum offers an object lesson in history / Johns Hopkins Magazine