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Supply chains could feel ripple effects from bridge collapse
Published March 26, 2024
Operations management expert Tinglong Dai discusses the impact of the collapse for consumers, suppliers, and the economy
Unreliable mass transit and public health
Published Jan 19, 2024
Missed doctor appointments, school tardiness, air pollution—Hopkins expert Megan Latshaw unpacks a new CDC report
New buses coming to shuttle route, transition to electric vehicles to follow
Published Sept 29, 2021
The Homewood-Peabody-JHMI route will be serviced by a new fleet of buses beginning on Oct. 2, and a conversion to electric buses is expected to be completed by 2026
Shuttles get a Lyft
Published Jan 26, 2018
Free Lyft rides will supplement Homewood-area shuttle service on Friday and Saturday nights, keeping wait times to a minimum
On track
First response robot
Published July 29, 2016
Remote system developed at APL can assess railway accidents, detect potential hazards
Drivers not required
On the road to safety
Published March 24, 2016
Experts discuss challenges of making self-driving cars that improve, save lives
Transportation challenges
Published March 9, 2016
Students explore transportation industry's many challenges, develop possible new solutions
Getting around
Circulator service coming soon
Published Sept 10, 2015
Hopkins hops on expanded Purple Route for city's free Charm City Circulator
Carless in Baltimore
Published Nov 2012
The trick to navigating Charm City without a car: Figure out how its many transportation systems work for you / Gazette