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X-rays mark the spot
Published Nov 20, 2023
Machine learning could help improve efficiency of pelvic fracture surgery
Biomedical engineering
Medicine's problem-solvers
Published May 23, 2018
Biomedical engineering program empowers undergrads to develop real-world solutions for improving patient care
Hopkins performs world's first penis transplant
Published April 23, 2018
Recipient is a combat veteran who sustained injuries while serving in Afghanistan
Undergraduate research
A simple way to stop the bleeding
Published April 17, 2018
Engineering students devise blood-clotting 'super gel' that could make oft-repeated procedures more efficient and economical
Racial, economic factors contribute to differences in surgical care
Published Sept 20, 2017
Poor and minority patients receive less optimal pain management, are placed on enhanced recovery protocols later than wealthier, white counterparts / Hopkins Medicine
The artful surgeon
Published Fall 2017
Hopkins surgeon Dorry Segev is a classically trained pianist, an avid photographer, and a champion swing dancer / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Patient safety
Hopkins to share surgical care protocols with 750 hospitals
Published Feb 7, 2017
Armstrong Institute receives multimillion dollar grant aimed at improving patient safety, overall experience / Hopkins Medicine
Innovators under 35
WSE researcher honored
Published Aug 23, 2016
Muyinatu Bell, who mixes sound, light, robotic technology to enhance medical imaging, recognized by 'MIT Technology Review'
STAR surgeon
Published May 6, 2016
Computer scientist programs robot to perform autonomous 'soft tissue' surgery
Hopkins surgeons plan first U.S. penis transplant
Published Dec 8, 2015
Doctors aim to help wounded military servicemen regain sexual function / The New York Times