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Are nicotine pouches safe?
Published March 8, 2024
Smoke-free, flavored nicotine pouches, including the brand Zyn, are going viral on TikTok. A Johns Hopkins expert weighs in on their safety.
How to measure the health of online communities
Published March 6, 2024
Being dominated by one group or ideology is the hallmark of an unhealthy online space, Hopkins experts say
What is 'quiet quitting'?
Published Sept 12, 2022
Rick Smith of the Carey Business School talks about what this TikTok buzzword really means for workers and workplaces
Student spotlight
TikTok advocacy
Published Feb 7, 2022
JHU graduate student Florence-Olivia Genesse's feminist TikTok channel is changing minds—and saving lives
Student life
TikTok tutor racks up thousands of followers around the world
Published March 2, 2021
Hopkins senior Ben Straus shares homework help and study tips through TikTok videos and a Discord server
Vaccine opponents unite around a 'civil liberties' argument on social media, study finds
Published Oct 2, 2020
Anti-vaxxer strategy shift on Facebook may signal a fierce fight over an eventual COVID-19 vaccine
Rules of political engagement
Published Summer 2020
Drawing from interviews with political consultants and reps from social media platforms, JHU political scientist Adam Sheingate develops ethical framework for politics in the digital age / Johns Hopkins Magazine
COVID-19 misinformation claiming to be from Johns Hopkins circulates widely
Published April 3, 2020
Message billed as 'excellent summary' of coronavirus information has no identifiable connection to Johns Hopkins, has been labeled 'misattributed' by Snopes
The outsize influence of anti-vax ads on social media
Published Spring 2020
A majority of the anti-vaccine Facebook ads came from just two groups, study finds. / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Election 2020
'It's going to be a complete mess'
Published Nov 14, 2019
Journalists, scholars offer dire assessment of the preparedness of big tech platforms to handle the coming wave of fake news and electoral meddling