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social media

Media literacy
Confronting the real problem of fake news
Published Aug 19, 2017
NPR broadcaster, digital media strategist tackle media literacy in Johns Hopkins webinar
Market measures
Stock picks from social media?
Published Aug 19, 2017
Sentiment of activity on micro-blogging platforms offers clues to stock performance, study shows
A man walks into a bar
Published Summer 2016
For these Johns Hopkins alumni, comedy pays the bills / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Zika virus
Misinformation, amplified
Published Aug 19, 2017
Social media conspiracy theories could undermine efforts to combat Zika virus, experts caution
Phony philanthropy
Social slacktivism
Published Aug 19, 2017
Some users share updates about online charitable giving without following through, study shows
Social media butterfly
Published Spring 2015
Dalia Ganz, A&S '05, plays a pivotal role in developing ABC Family's social media strategy / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Head of the class
Published Spring 2014
Status: Organ donor
Published Aug 19, 2017
Facebook push sparks massive uptick in organ donor registration, researchers say / Hopkins Medicine
Net effects
Social distortions
Published Aug 19, 2017
Panel discussion to examine art in the digital age
One in four physicians uses social media daily
Published Jan 2013
Survey also finds that on a weekly basis, 61 percent of physicians scan social media for information, 46 percent contribute new information / Gazette