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SAIS Europe welcomes new rector
Published Feb 1, 2024
A ceremony to install Renaud Dehousse as rector and vice dean of SAIS Europe took place in Bologna, Italy
Renaud Dehousse named inaugural rector of SAIS Europe
Published Aug 29, 2023
Dehousse, an expert in European law and politics who has served as president of the European University Institute since 2016, will assume new role in January
A short (or tall) history of the espresso bar
Published Spring 2023
Espresso culture is so ubiquitous that many of us have our own machines sitting on kitchen counters. But how did we get here? / Johns Hopkins Magazine
SAIS Europe
$100M gift will significantly expand SAIS Bologna campus
Published Dec 9, 2022
The gift from philanthropists James and Morag Anderson will transform SAIS Europe into an international hub for research and collaboration
Student experience
SAIS students 'in exile' travel to Italy to learn in person
Published Oct 27, 2020
After the coronavirus pandemic forced the SAIS Europe campus in Bologna to shut down in the spring, it is now hosting not only its own students and faculty but those from China and Washington, D.C., too
A view from Italy
Published Summer 2020
An economist and faculty member at SAIS Europe peers into the past, present, and future of our COVID-­19 world / Johns Hopkins Magazine
COVID-19's impact in Italy and Europe
Published March 31, 2020
Filippo Taddei, who teaches at SAIS Europe's Bologna campus in Italy, discusses the COVID-19 outbreak from the European perspective
Alumni Profiles
Cabby cookery
Published Fall 2016
An alum's conversations with cab drivers inspired her to write an Italian cookbook / Johns Hopkins Magazine