Archived articles


A spiritual experience
Published Fall 2020
Johns Hopkins researchers discover that people who had previously identified as atheists described encountering a "benevolent entity" upon inhaling the psychedelic DMT / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Scholar spotlight
Faith and healing
Published Oct 16, 2018
PhD student Darriel Harris has big ideas about fusing health care messaging with a religious framework
Reflecting on Charlottesville
Published Sept 28, 2017
Hopkins hosts Virginia faith leader for discussion of contentious August rallies and their aftermath, free speech, and the politics of disempowerment
Psychoactive psychology
Published Spring 2016
Early music
Musical melting pot
Published March 1, 2016
Peabody Consort presents a snapshot of 13th-century Christian, Jewish, Arabic music
Pope Francis visit
Papal performers
Published Sept 22, 2015
Nine Peabody alumni to sing for Pope Francis during Mass in Washington on Wednesday
Four Questions
For Kathy Schnurr
Published Sept-Oct 2014
University chaplain talks about religious and spiritual life, interfaith engagement at JHU / Gazette
Illuminated touch
Published Spring 2014
In her debut book, alum and faculty member Jennifer Kingsley explores the art of the Bernward Gospels. / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Ethics of Catholic health care directives
Published Dec 17, 2013
ACLU claims policies led to 'negligent' patient care in Michigan case / ABC News