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Psychological and brain science

Bat signals
Brain science, unleashed
Published April 10, 2018 Video
Wireless devices record brain activity of bats, helping researchers better understand what happens in the brain as we move through the world
A better look at brain behavior
Published Jan 4, 2018 Video
Electroencephalography cap helps scientists understand what we pay attention to—and what we ignore
Brain science
Can you hear me now?
Published June 6, 2017 Video
Astonishingly speedy brain mechanism—10 times faster than the blink of an eye—helps bats get louder when necessary
Lasting impact
Published Spring 2017
JHU psychiatrist examines brains of NFL athletes who have suffered concussions, finding molecular changes that last decades after trauma / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Visual thinking
Memorable moves
Published March 6, 2017 Video
The way an object moves affects how well you remember it, Hopkins researchers find
Number networks
Our brains are far more adaptable than we know
Published Sept 19, 2016
In blind people, brain's vision center plays role in solving math problems, study finds
Bat behavior
Kill them with cute
Published Sept 7, 2016 Video
A bat's head and ear movements sync with the animal's sonar to help it hunt, study finds
Numbers game
Published June 15, 2016 Video
Researchers find that a simple numbers game seems to make kids better at math
superb owl
Owls provide clues on how humans focus attention
Published Sept 11, 2014
Barn owl study reveals the rules and mechanisms for how the brain makes such decisions