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Program in museums and society

Public humanities transcends barriers
Published Dec 19, 2023
An emerging field, the public humanities is raising awareness about social justice issues and leading to meaningful collaborations between Johns Hopkins University and local communities
Undergraduate honors
Rising senior earns Beinecke Scholarship
Published July 6, 2023
Kendra Brewer plans to use funds to support her study of Indigenous art history
A modern approach to museum studies
Published Jan 10, 2023
A blend of research, reflection, conceptualization, and pure logistics gave Krieger School students firsthand experience mounting an American Modernism exhibit at the Baltimore Museum of Art
Exploring Homewood's untold history
Published May 16, 2018
Multiyear research project examines the stories of the slaves who lived and worked at the property that would become Johns Hopkins University's Homewood campus
Life lessons from rhinos
Published Summer 2017
A museum program pairs up with the Maryland Zoo, challenging students to create promo materials that educate and fascinate local school kids / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Art off the shelf
Published March 8, 2017
Hopkins undergrads organize artists' book exhibit at Baltimore Museum of Art
Unlocking the secrets of ancient Greek pottery
Published May-June 2015
Students collaborate with expert ceramics artists to recreate the iconic red-figure kylixes / Gazette
Greek life
Iconic pottery, recreated
Published May 7, 2015
Students collaborate with expert ceramics artists to recreate the iconic red-figure kylix
Surreal sneakers
Mass production meets modern art
Published March 20, 2015
JHU senior curates French artist Thomas Teurlai's solo U.S. debut, 'Foot Locker'
Illuminated touch
Published Spring 2014
In her debut book, alum and faculty member Jennifer Kingsley explores the art of the Bernward Gospels. / Johns Hopkins Magazine