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President’s frontier award

President's Frontier Award
Trauma surgeon and gun violence survivor Joseph Sakran honored
Published Feb 16, 2024
Sakran, director of emergency general surgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital, will receive a $250,000 grant to further his work among medical professionals to reduce firearm injuries and deaths
President's Frontier Award
Indigenous health researcher Melissa Walls honored
Published Feb 14, 2023
Walls, co-director of the university's Center for Indigenous Health, will receive a $250,000 grant to further her community-based work improving the health and well-being of native communities
Faculty awards
Alexis Battle and Sarah Hörst receive President's Frontier Awards
Published Jan 26, 2022
In a surprise move this year, the university recognizes two faculty members with the full award; each will receive $250,000 to support their groundbreaking research
Andrew Holland receives President's Frontier Award
Published Feb 15, 2021 Video
The $250,000 Johns Hopkins award recognizes scholars who are on the cusp of becoming leaders in their fields
Renewed support for scholars
Published Spring 2020
Louis J. Forster, chair of the board of trustees, is doubling down on his support for faculty doing extraordinary things by renewing the President's Frontier Award / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Frontier Award
Mathematician receives President's Frontier Award
Published Jan 16, 2020
The $250,000 award, presented Thursday to Emily Riehl, supports Hopkins figures who are breaking new ground and poised to become leaders in their field
Renewed support for faculty conducting leading-edge research
Published Sept 25, 2019
The university's President's Frontier Award program, which recognizes one faculty scholar each year with $250,000 in flexible funding, has been extended through 2024
President's Frontier Award
Brice Ménard honored for groundbreaking research
Published Feb 13, 2019 Video
His work with data sets from astronomical observatories has helped transform his field
President's Frontier Award
Crews wins $250K prize
Published Jan 29, 2018 Video
Hopkins Medicine researcher studies causes, effects, health disparities associated with chronic kidney disease
President's Frontier Award
'A unique voice in American music'
Published Jan 31, 2017 Video
Peabody composer Michael Hersch receives $250,000 President's Frontier Award