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Predicting postpartum blues
Published June 28, 2017
Hopkins study links postpartum depression with diminished levels of 'anti-anxiety' hormone allopregnanolone / Hopkins Medicine
Fetal health
Zika may cause miscarriages
Published June 28, 2017
In mouse study, exposure to virus led to higher rates of miscarriages, babies born with thin brain tissue, brain inflammation
Domestic Abuse
Reducing partner violence
Published June 28, 2017
Program co-developed by School of Nursing researcher Phyllis Sharps shows promise in helping pregnant women
Obesity and autism risk
Published June 28, 2017
School of Public Health study of more than 2,700 mother-child pairs offers new evidence that autism develops in utero / School of Public Health
Cellphone interventions?
Published June 28, 2017
Mobile devices might be best way to get health information to inner-city pregnant, postpartum women, survey suggests / Hopkins Medicine
Study links vitamin E deficiency, miscarriage risk
Published June 28, 2017
Pregnant women in Bangladesh lacking vitamin E nearly twice as likely to have miscarriage