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Pop culture

Hip-hop's indelible influence
Published Summer 2023
A Baltimore Museum of Art's exhibit celebrates hip-hop's impact on culture / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Pop culture
Triple layer literature
Published Fall 2020
Alum M.M. Carrigan's Taco Bell–themed literary magazine embraces nostalgia, sincerity, and Crunchwrap culture / Johns Hopkins Magazine
A beautiful day for a neighbor
Published June 19, 2018
Carey researcher revisits her award-winning dissertation on the enduring legacy of 'Mister Rogers' Neighborhood'
Insurgencies and insurrections
What 'Star Wars' gets right about rebellions
Published Dec 21, 2017
Whether on planet Earth or in a galaxy far, far away, rebellions often look the same, Hopkins political scientist notes / The Washington Post
We missed you
Published Summer 2015 Photos
Some of our favorite "alums" from pop culture did not make it back for reunion. / Johns Hopkins Magazine