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Parkinson's disease

Deep brain stimulation boosts dopamine
Published Aug 21, 2019
Treatment eases Parkinson's symptoms such as tremors and muscle rigidity
Cell engineering
Cell death pathway tied to Parkinson's
Published Nov 5, 2018
Understanding the pathway for nerve cell degradation in Parkinson's disease could unlock new avenues for treating the disease
Parkinson's disease
Study identifies potential Parkinson's treatment
Published July 3, 2018
In mouse study, experimental drug similar to FDA-approved diabetes treatments shown to prevent motor impairment, extend life expectancy
Computer science
App tracks Parkinson's symptoms
Published April 6, 2018
Using existing smartphone components, app gathers valuable diagnostic data in a non-clinical setting
Slowing Parkinson's spread
Published Sept 29, 2016
Drug already in clinical trials for other conditions slows disease progression in mice
Parkinson's in prime time
Published Sept 30, 2013
Interim director of Movement Disorder Center discusses research, Michael J. Fox's new show