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What fish can teach us about our eyes
Published Aug 19, 2017
Study of how zebrafish regenerate eye tissue may one day advance efforts to combat degenerative eye disease damage in humans / Hopkins Medicine
20/20 in the classroom
Published Fall 2016
To a striking degree, children's school performance—and how they feel and behave in class—is affected by vision / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Child safety
Toddlers most at risk for chemical eye burns
Published Aug 19, 2017
Injuries are frequently caused by common household cleaners, review of ER visits finds
Color confusion
Oh no, another dress article!
Published Aug 19, 2017
Hopkins ophthalmologist explains science behind why we can't agree on what color this thing is
Laser danger
You'll shoot your eye out
Published Aug 19, 2017
High-power blue laser toys linked to serious eye damage / Hopkins Medicine
My view
Ingenuity at the end of the road
Published Nov 2012
Vision testers improvise in resource-poor countries / Gazette