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North korea

Trump-Kim summit analysis
Published June 13, 2018
North Korean leader accomplished at least one major objective while the benefits for the U.S. and the West are less clear, SAIS expert says
Challenges await South Korea's new leader
Published May 11, 2017
SAIS expert Eunjung Lim explores the difficult road ahead for newly elected President Moon Jae-in / The Conversation
Foreign intelligence
Unpacking North Korea's 'piggyback' picture
Published March 24, 2017
SAIS visiting scholar Michael Madden interprets dictator Kim Jong-Un's latest propaganda photo / BBC News
Foreign policy
A growing menace
Published Oct 27, 2016
Next U.S. president must confront threat of a nuclear North Korea, SAIS expert John McLaughlin writes
Rio Olympics
North Korea's 'sports diplomacy'
Published Aug 16, 2016
SAIS visiting scholar on the fate of North Korean Olympians who return home without medals / BBC News
Satellite scrutiny
Keeping an eye on North Korea
Published Winter 2015
Website 38 North has become a respected source of news on North Korea's closed society / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Experts weigh in on N. Korea
Published Dec 12, 2012
Despite predictions of delay, reports confirm successful test launch of long-range rocket / 38 North