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Polar energy
Jupiter auroras present powerful mystery
Published Sept 7, 2017
APL-built instrument aboard NASA's Juno spacecraft observes significant particle energy that behaves in surprising ways
Data from distant asteroids
Published Jan 9, 2017
APL-built instruments for two upcoming NASA missions will provide close-up surface images, composition data of asteroids near Jupiter
Giant steps
Juno arrives at Jupiter
Published July 5, 2016
Spacecraft, with APL-built JEDI instrument aboard, will aid our understanding of the origin and evolution of Jupiter
'Missing link'
Unlocking Jupiter's mysteries
Published June 30, 2016
NASA's Juno spacecraft with Johns Hopkins APL instrument aboard will enter Jupiter's orbit on July 4
Europa's shifting surface
Published Sept 18, 2014
First sign of this type of surface-shifting geological activity on a world other than Earth