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Johns hopkins extreme materials institute

JHU-created material could make next-gen helmets, bumpers
Published March 10, 2022
The lightweight, foam-like material could reduce fuel consumption in vehicles and make protective gear more comfortable
Extreme puzzle draws inspiration from copper grains
Published Winter 2019
Extreme puzzle draws inspiration from copper grains / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Extreme materials
Otherworldly art
Published Nov 12, 2018
Art student Amy Wetsch builds sculptures inspired by planetary environments explored by Hopkins scientist Sarah Horst
Extreme art
The writing is on the walls (and curtains)
Published April 11, 2018
Kimberly Hall explores research through an artist's eye with interactive installation created as part of the HEMI/MICA Extreme Arts Program
Materials science
Arts, to the extreme
Published Sept 21, 2017
HEMI/MICA Extreme Arts program brings faculty, students together to translate research on extreme events in new and creative ways
Broken art
Published Summer 2017
Hopkins Extreme Materials Institute's first artist-in-residence makes art out of destruction / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Going to extremes
Published April 4, 2017
MICA photographer Jay Gould creates arts based on his HEMI artist-in-residence experience
Extreme science scholars honored
Published Oct 1, 2015
Science, engineering partnership between Morgan State, Johns Hopkins grows
Extreme science
JHU, Morgan State announce educational partnership
Published May 2, 2014
Five-year science and engineering internship program aims to 'educate the people who will change our world'
Hopkins materials institute to support U.S. manufacturing innovation initiative
Published March 10, 2014
HEMI will work closely with Detroit-based LM3I, providing blast and ballistics expertise