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Seizure stopper?
Published June 22, 2015
Amino acid that inhibits, interrupts convulsions in mice in study could pave way for new epilepsy treatments / Hopkins Medicine
Dance marathon
Dancin' the night away
Published March 2, 2015 Photos
Annual JHU Dance Marathon raises more than $44,000 for Johns Hopkins Children's Center
Asthma risk reconsidered
Published Jan 21, 2015
Race, ethnicity, income may be more significant factors than physical surroundings, study shows
Enterovirus advice
Published Oct 7, 2014
Most children who get Enterovirus D68 will do fine and will not require emergency care, hospitalization
Food allergies more common among inner-city youth
Published Aug 15, 2014
One in 10 children in study allergic to milk, eggs, or peanuts / Hopkins Medicine
'Gut punch'
Child thought to have been cured of HIV remains infected
Published July 11, 2014
2013 NEJM article about apparent cure was authored by Deborah Persaud, associate professor at Johns Hopkins Children's Center / The New York Times
Bacteria for baby?
Published June 9, 2014
Newborns exposed to dirt, dander may have lower allergy, asthma risks, study suggests / Hopkins Medicine
Boogie night
Dance, dance, dance
Published March 3, 2014 Photos
More than 350 participants get on the dance floor for annual fundraises for Johns Hopkins Children's Center
Delaying HIV treatment
Published Feb 11, 2014
Nearly half of HIV-infected teens put off treatment, study finds, increasing risk of long-term complications / Hopkins Medicine
Study: Anxiety treatment for kids often fails in long run
Published Jan 29, 2014
Less than half of all children achieve long-term relief, researchers say, underscoring need for follow-up / Hopkins Medicine