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Genetic glitch
The root of allergies
Published July 24, 2013
Researchers attribute array of allergies, other conditions to faulty genetic pathway / Hopkins Medicine
A new weapon to fight TB
Published June 11, 2013
Experimental vaccine developed at Johns Hopkins shows promise in preventing TB meningitis / Hopkins Medicine
Time honor
Influential research
Published April 18, 2013
Johns Hopkins pediatric HIV expert Persaud among Time's 100 most influential
Infant born with HIV reportedly cured
Published March 4, 2013 Video
Johns Hopkins Children's Center virologist Persaud authors report that could pave way to eliminating HIV in children / Johns Hopkins Children's Center
Young and restless
Published March 2013
9 of 10 young children with ADHD often continue to experience serious symptoms, impairment despite treatment, study shows / Gazette