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John mclaughlin

A crisis of confidence
Published Oct 20, 2020
Politicization of intelligence and U.S. institutions upsets the foundation of democracy, says former CIA acting director John McLaughlin
'Mockery, spin, and manipulation'
Published July 28, 2017
Trump's Boy Scout speech was a missed opportunity to inspire young people, SAIS practitioner-in-residence writes / The Washington Post
Trump assembles his national security team
Published Nov 22, 2016
Former acting CIA director John McLaughlin weighs in on Trump's picks of Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, Rep. Mike Pompeo / OZY
Best case, worst case
Published Nov 15, 2016
SAIS scholar, former acting CIA director John McLaughlin among policy, intelligence experts to weigh in on Trump presidency / Politico
How world leaders are preparing for Trump
Published Nov 10, 2016
Foreign governments will take 'wait and see' approach, former acting CIA director John McLaughlin says / OZY
Foreign policy
A growing menace
Published Oct 27, 2016
Next U.S. president must confront threat of a nuclear North Korea, SAIS expert John McLaughlin writes
National security
To brief, or not to brief
Published Aug 2, 2016
Former acting CIA director, SAIS faculty member discusses importance of briefing presidential candidates / NPR
SAIS fellow John McLaughlin
Published March-April 2014
One-time CIA director on Vietnam, the intelligence community, and the value of hard work / Gazette