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What's happening with dairy cows and bird flu?
Published April 15, 2024
Though the virus is circulating in dairy cows, human exposure remains low, Johns Hopkins public health experts say
What's in store for the upcoming respiratory virus season?
Published July 31, 2023
Johns Hopkins epidemiologist David Dowdy says vaccines and a preventive drug for RSV offer hope for a healthier fall and winter
Health care innovations
Simple spray could keep COVID away
Published Jan 12, 2023
Hopkins engineers have developed a method to prevent harmful viruses from entering the lungs, blocking the spread of COVID-19 and influenza with a nasal spray
Seasonal flu
Fast-spreading mutation helps common flu subtype escape human immune response
Published July 15, 2020
Unlike the novel coronavirus, which has been shown to mutate slowly, strains of influenza virus have acquired a mutation that blocks antibodies from binding to a key viral protein, making vaccine development more complex
Studies to explore immune responses to flu shots
Published Nov 6, 2018
Johns Hopkins gets $8M NIH grant to look at differences in how men, women respond to flu shots
Free flu shots for Hopkins community
Published Oct 24, 2018
There's still time for students, faculty, and staff to get vaccinated before flu season begins
Why men might recover from the flu faster than women
Published July 17, 2018
Male mice infected with influenza produce more of a growth factor protein that promotes lung healing
Flu fighters
Free flu shots for JHU employees begin Oct. 20
Published Sept 29, 2014
Vaccination sessions scheduled through Nov. 13 at several locations
Fight the flu
Free flu shots for JHU employees
Published Oct 17, 2013
Vaccination sessions are scheduled through Nov. 13 at several locations
Using Twitter to track the flu
Published Jan 24, 2013 Video
Researchers find a better way to screen the tweets