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Individualized health

Cancer research
A personalized approach for immunotherapy
Published Nov 10, 2016
Collaboration with Bristol-Myers Squibb includes several clinical trials led by scientists at Bloomberg-Kimmel Institute
Precision medicine
Effort aims to improve diagnosis, care, outcomes
Published Oct 17, 2016
Partnership between Hopkins Medicine, Applied Physics Laboratory will bring data analysis, systems engineering to health care
Health IT
Smart medicine
Published Oct 19, 2015
Hopkins Medicine, Microsoft partner to connect medical devices (and the data they generate) in effort to reduce preventable harm
Meet the new Bloomberg Distinguished Professors
Published July 8, 2015
Taekjip Ha, Jessica Fanzo, Alan Yuille, and Rong Li join the ranks of JHU's eminent cross-disciplinary faculty
Bloomberg professorships
Distinguished scholars
Published March 30, 2015
Casadevall, Chute, Salzberg, Szalay will work to further university's signature initiatives
Sickness and inHealth
Published Spring 2015
Revolutionary change is coming to medicine, driven by 0s and 1s / Johns Hopkins Magazine