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Hubble's inconsistent constant
Published March 24, 2018
The universe is expanding faster than expected, and cosmologists aren't sure why
Space Studies
Universe expanding faster than predicted
Published March 24, 2018
JHU Nobel laureate Adam Riess says findings could shed light on composition of the universe
Black hole devours star
Published March 24, 2018
JHU scientist leads international team in observing black hole swallowing star, ejecting flare moving at nearly the speed of light
Star bright
Split supernova images
Published March 24, 2018
Research team lead by JHU astronomer uses Hubble to view light from distant exploding star
Kuiper Belt targets
Published Nov-Dec 2014
Hubble uncovers three objects that New Horizons spacecraft could potentially visit / Gazette
Star turn
NASA honors Ford's focus fix
Published Aug 2013
NASA honors JHU scientist Holland Ford for key Hubble contribution / Gazette
Astronomical honor
Published March 24, 2018
JHU's Ford receives NASA's Distinguished Public Service Medal for work on Hubble Space Telescope