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Crunchtime for coders
Published Sept 22, 2023
HopHacks brings college students to Hopkins every year to 'hack' together solutions to real-world problems in just 36 hours
Student life
Hacking marathon makes its in-person return
Published Oct 3, 2022
Students come together to create impactful technology solutions for pressing issues in just a day and a half
HopHacks participants tackle new 'Civic Hack' challenge
Published Sept 24, 2018
Students use technology to create solutions for homelessness, crime, medical emergencies
Hacking solutions for cities
Published Sept 11, 2018
At biannual hackathon, participants will develop apps aimed at improving urban living
Hack to the future
Published Sept 18, 2017
HopHacks hackathon challenges students to solve problems using technology
Hackers dream up memory app in 36 hours
Published Feb 20, 2017 Photos
Tech breakthroughs fueled by caffeine, pizza, midnight walks during JHU's semiannual student hackathon
Silicon Valley visitors
Published Feb 4, 2016
Representatives from tech accelerator Y Combinator to speak with students before hackathon