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Women's health
Better health linked to decline in domestic violence
Published March 8, 2017
Researchers find reduction in domestic violence when chronically ill women receive life-saving treatment
Dangers of 'shock and kill'
Published Dec 6, 2016
HIV treatment strategy of awakening dormant virus could cause harmful brain inflammation / Hopkins Medicine
Global health
Jhpiego expands HIV prevention strategy in Kenya
Published Sept 13, 2016
Jhpiego receives $22.3M for project that provides daily pill that could prevent spread of HIV among vulnerable populations
Public health behind bars
Published Aug 4, 2016
Study finds that prisons contribute to global health epidemics such as tuberculosis, hepatitis, HIV / The Baltimore Sun
HIV prevention
Jhpiego reaches 2 million in HIV prevention effort
Published July 13, 2016
Voluntary medical male circumcisions already performed in Africa could avert more than 50,000 HIV infections
Study: HIV epidemic continues for men who have sex with men
Published July 7, 2016
Lack of access to preventive medicine, discriminatory laws contribute to disproportionately high HIV burden / School of Public Health
Declines fall short of goals
Published May 9, 2016
Study: HIV infection, transmission rates have dropped since 2010 but do not meet goals / School of Public Health
An organ transplant first
Published March 31, 2016
Hopkins performs first HIV-positive to HIV-positive organ transplants in U.S. / The Baltimore Sun
The 'Charlie Sheen Effect'
Published Feb 22, 2016 Video
Study author: Actor's announcement 'potentially the most significant domestic HIV prevention event ever'
New hope for HIV-positive transplant recipients
Published Feb 8, 2016
Johns Hopkins approved to perform first HIV-positive to HIV-positive organ transplants in U.S.