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Fine arts

Baltimore artists to inspire campus conversations
Published Nov 7, 2023
Initiative will bring contemporary works of art to JHU, with a goal of selecting artists and artwork representing a broad range of perspectives
Alumni profile
The art of the selfie
Published Dec 28, 2015
Celebrated painter, JHU alum Raoul Middleman has created a staggering 20,000 paintings, drawings over his 55-year career
Ask an Expert
Nazis, stolen art, and George Clooney
Published Jan-Feb 2014 Video
Molly Warnock, an assistant professor of art history, discusses why the Nazis cared so much about art, subject of the forthcoming film 'The Monuments Men' / Gazette
Painter Lennart Anderson to speak at Johns Hopkins
Published Sept 12, 2012
He is regarded as one of the elder statesmen of American representational painting
Lost, found, restored
Published Fall 2012
Eugene Leake landscape painting had been stuffed in janitor's closet in freshman residence hall / Johns Hopkins Magazine