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Scientists pinpoint key to evolution of bird flight
Published Feb 6, 2024
By pairing PET scans of modern pigeons with studies of dinosaur fossils, scientists learn why some vertebrates fly
Lemurs in captivity
Published Winter 2021
PhD candidate Stephanie Canington studies how the care of captive primates has progressed over time / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Gorillas' skeletal secrets
Published Winter 2020
The bones of gorillas, our closest animal ancestors, offer clues to the evolution of osteoporosis—and how we might be able to avoid it / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Can AI catch up to us?
Published Winter 2020
Johns Hopkins neuroscientist Daeyeol Lee's new book explores the definition of true intelligence / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Evolutionary biology
Meet Vadasaurus, an ancient sea creature
Published Dec 7, 2017
Fossil unlocks clues on evolution of certain types of reptiles from life on land to life in the sea / Hopkins Medicine