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Targeting epilepsy with surgical precision
Published Oct 11, 2021
A new method of highlighting the most epileptic parts of the brain could enable not only more accurate diagnosis of the seizure disorder, but also help guide more precise surgical treatment
A dietary solution to severe epilepsy?
Published Feb 27, 2017
In small trial, ketogenic diet shown to be an effective treatment option for some with rare, often fatal form of epilepsy / Hopkins Medicine
Health watch
EpiWatch aids epilepsy study
Published Oct 15, 2015 Video
Apple Watch app could help researchers develop new methods for monitoring, managing the disorder
Seizure stopper?
Published June 22, 2015
Amino acid that inhibits, interrupts convulsions in mice in study could pave way for new epilepsy treatments / Hopkins Medicine
Snake secret
How deadly venom works
Published Feb 10, 2015
Reclusive coral snake's lethal toxin could aid in study of epilepsy, schizophrenia, chronic pain / Hopkins Medicine
BME researcher wins Presidential Early Career Award
Published Sept 2012
Sarma honored for work in developing treatments for brain disorders such as Parkinson's disease, epilepsy / Gazette