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Eliot cohen

Ride on
Published Spring 2015
Staff rides bring students to significant battlegrounds in the United States and abroad / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Difficult options on Syria
Published Aug 26, 2013
Apparent use of chemical weapons demands U.S. response, SAIS expert writes / The Washington Post
(Battle)field trips
Published July 2013 Video
SAIS strategic studies students head to foreign soil to 'relive' and examine historic conflicts / Gazette
Withdrawal and disorder
Published March 20, 2013
SAIS's Cohen: Under Obama, U.S. has turned its back on commitments overseas, a 'dangerous' shift / The Wall Street Journal
SAIS's Cohen among 'Top 100 Global Thinkers'
Published Nov 26, 2012
He is recognized by Foreign Policy magazine for 'writing the GOP's foreign-policy playbook in 2012' / Foreign Policy