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Electrical engineering

Hey Siri, do I have COVID?
Published Oct 4, 2021
New system devised by Whiting School PhD candidate Drew Grant aims to make diagnosing COVID-19 as simple as saying a few words into a smartphone
Fully charged
Scientists develop more durable lithium-ion battery
Published Nov 9, 2017
Applied Physics Lab researchers help create breakthrough cuttable, flexible, submersible battery / Applied Physics Laboratory
Smart bait
Published Fall 2017
Sure, you can teach a man to fish, but a Hopkins electrical engineer aims to develop a foolproof lure that can do it / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Solar Power
Soaking up the sun
Published Feb 9, 2016
Researcher aims to engineer spray paint that can convert sun's elusive energy to electricity
Inspiring inventions
Finalists times two
Published Oct 12, 2015
Two JHU teams named finalists in 2015 Collegiate Inventors Competition
What I've Learned
James West
Published May-June 2015
Professor of electrical and computer engineering is co-inventor of electret microphone used in phones, sound recording devices, hearing aids / Gazette
Noise reduction
Published May 20, 2013 Video
JHU undergraduates help design space stethoscope for NASA that tunes out ambient sound