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Election 2016

Reproductive health
Preterm births among U.S. Latinas increased after 2016 election
Published July 22, 2019
In the nine months following the election, 3.5% more preterm births occurred among Latinas than expected, suggesting link between election and maternal stress
Flight of the working class
Published Aug 1, 2017
Study: Shift away from Democratic Party affiliation among blue-collar voters set stage for Trump's victory
Race in America
Latinos post-election
Published Dec 1, 2016
Panelists explore Latino identity, challenges, opportunities as part of Race in America series
Election 2016
How the polls got it wrong
Published Nov 30, 2016
A conversation with Clifford Young, a professorial lecturer at SAIS who helps oversee polling at global market research firm Ipsos
MSE Symposium
'I reject the idea that we are divided'
Published Nov 18, 2016
Vermont senator speaks at Hopkins a week after polarizing election
Election 2016
Trump's win, the working class, and national identity
Published Nov 17, 2016
JHU faculty panel breaks down the 2016 presidential election and its implications
JHU leadership urges tolerance, debate in election's wake
Published Nov 15, 2016
Members of Hopkins community have reported feeling intimidated, bullied, unwelcome, unsafe
An open letter to those anxious about Trump
Published Nov 14, 2016
SAIS professor, former State Department official Eliot A. Cohen discusses the election results / The American Interest
How world leaders are preparing for Trump
Published Nov 10, 2016
Foreign governments will take 'wait and see' approach, former acting CIA director John McLaughlin says / OZY
How Trump won and what the 'experts' missed
Published Nov 9, 2016
Political scientist Adam Sheingate offers insight on Trump's stunning victory