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Election 2016

JHU students go to the polls
Published Nov 8, 2016 Photos
Shuttles ferry students—many of them voting for the first time—from campus to local polling places
Election 2016
Ballot double check
Published Nov 8, 2016
Computer scientist Avi Rubin calls plans to use independent firm to validate Maryland's election results 'terrific' / WBFF
See the bern
Bernie Sanders ticket info
Published Nov 4, 2016
Tickets to see U.S. senator, former presidential candidate on Nov. 17 to be made available online
I'm voting for ...
Published Nov 3, 2016 Photos
What are you voting for? This is what Johns Hopkins University students told us
An open debate
Published Oct 20, 2016
Hopkins Democrats, Republicans come together for nonpartisan viewing party of final presidential debate
For new voters, an intro to presidential politics
Published Oct 18, 2016 Video
IDEAL, founded by Hopkins senior, hosts discussions of political issues, debate viewing parties, voter registration efforts
Issue in focus
Armed America
Published Oct 12, 2016
Facts, figures, and an up-close look at the gun reform debate
Health policy
What's a single-payer plan?
Published Oct 11, 2016
SPH experts explain health insurance alternative mentioned during presidential debate
MSE Symposium
Bernie Sanders to speak at Homewood campus
Published Oct 3, 2016
U.S. Senator, former presidential candidate to visit Nov. 17 as part of MSE Symposium
What D.C. insiders think of the American public
Published Sept 28, 2016
Government bureaucrats tend to believe citizens know 'very little' about key issues, JHU political scientists write