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Earth and planetary sciences

'Weird' planet endures nearby star's relentless radiation
Published June 5, 2024
Newly discovered 'Phoenix,' nicknamed for its ability to survive extreme conditions near red giant star, offers novel insights into how planets evolve
Earth science
Worms are an unlikely hero in evolution, Johns Hopkins scientists say
Published June 3, 2024
Their digging and burrowing sparked a chain of events that released oxygen into the ocean and atmosphere, helping to kick-start what is known as the Great Ordovician Biodiversification Event
Rare 'Hophenge' solar event
Published April 9, 2024
On the evening of the solar eclipse, the Hopkins community enjoyed a second celestial event: "Hophenge," when the sun perfectly aligned with the Gilman Hall spire
Hopkins experts discuss the total solar eclipse
Published April 5, 2024
Panelists encouraged viewers to witness the rare event on April 8 firsthand if possible, and shared the science behind what makes a total solar eclipse so special
New Jersey earthquake makes waves in Baltimore
Published April 5, 2024
A seismometer on the Homewood campus picked up Friday's earthquake, says Earth and Planetary Sciences Professor Benjamin Fernando
Space exploration
A bigger, bolder moon shot
Published Spring 2024
NASA's ambitious moon return involves plans to build a long-term human presence in the solar system / Johns Hopkins Magazine
In memoriam
Atmospheric scientist Richard S. Stolarski dies at 82
Published Feb 27, 2024
Stolarski's role in the discovery of the ozone hole set the stage for managing its repair—one of the greatest successes in environmental protection
Art as a pathway to planetary science
Published Winter 2023
New book by Sabine Stanley makes planetary science accessible to readers while inspiring textile artists from around the world / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Climate science
Simultaneous extreme weather created dangerous conditions in U.S.
Published June 28, 2022
The dangerous extremes are expected to continue to topple records as the effects of climate change continue to shift weather patterns
Planetary sciences
Rover the moon
Published June 28, 2022
Johns Hopkins planetary geophysicist Kevin Lewis is co-investigator for a NASA mission that aims to study ice and water on the moon's surface