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Cash transfers to the poor linked to ecological benefits
Published June 12, 2020
Study finds that cash infusions to poor communities in Indonesia led to less deforestation of the nation's rainforests
Public health
Winged victory
Published Jan 3, 2020
A Hopkins scientist is studying the ways the deadly Nipah virus affects carrier fruit bats to better understand how it spreads to humans
Life lessons from rhinos
Published Summer 2017
A museum program pairs up with the Maryland Zoo, challenging students to create promo materials that educate and fascinate local school kids / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Seafood scruples
Published Winter 2016
Alum Jennifer Dianto Kemmerly helps connect consumers with environmentally responsible seafood / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Mercury rising?
Published April 1, 2015 Video
Dolphin study could yield insight into how mercury influences health
Right fish, wrong pond
Published Summer 2013
If Rachel Carson had been a better scientist at Johns Hopkins, she might never have sparked the environmental movement / Johns Hopkins Magazine