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Computer engineering

Hopkins Balloon Project
Rare air
Published May 15, 2019
A team of Johns Hopkins students recently launched cameras and other devices more than 16 miles into the Earth's atmosphere to collect data—and capture stunning pictures
Computer modeling
Hopkins excels in processing department
Published Nov 17, 2017
MARCC's 22,000 processors save researchers money they would otherwise spend building their own computing centers
Big data
Meeting of the MINDS
Published Nov 2, 2017
New Mathematical Institute for Data Science aims to better understand the inner workings of big data analysis
Smart bait
Published Fall 2017
Sure, you can teach a man to fish, but a Hopkins electrical engineer aims to develop a foolproof lure that can do it / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Faculty honors
Nine selected for AIMBE College of Fellows
Published March 20, 2017
Members are considered among the top two percent of the country's medical and biological engineers
Innovators under 35
WSE researcher honored
Published Aug 23, 2016
Muyinatu Bell, who mixes sound, light, robotic technology to enhance medical imaging, recognized by 'MIT Technology Review'
Computer Science
Talk to me
Published Spring 2014 Video
Computer engineers are trying to teach computers to process language, beyond just lines of code / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Working hand in 'hand'
Published Feb 2013
Human and robot partners could be the next big thing in teamwork / Gazette