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Public health
New playbook for addressing health misinformation
Published March 6, 2024
The guide offers a hands-on approach to help public health practitioners, medical professionals, and health communicators recognize and respond to health-related rumors and misinformation
'The right story at the right time'
Published Sept 8, 2022
The new Technical Communication Lab out of the Whiting School of Engineering's Center for Leadership Education will help students who would like to improve their communication and data visualization skills
Bloomberg School creates new center to advance public health advocacy
Published Jan 18, 2022
With new gift, two existing centers will merge and expand to drive high-impact social and policy change
How leaders can inspire through words
Published Feb 24, 2020
Steven D. Cohen, a Carey Business School expert on communication behaviors, shares insights on how inspirational rhetoric can be used by business, civic, and political leaders
Media literacy
Confronting the real problem of fake news
Published July 12, 2017
NPR broadcaster, digital media strategist tackle media literacy in Johns Hopkins webinar
Turbulent times at United
Published April 12, 2017
Airline made 'huge mistake' in how it handled bumped passenger incident, Carey Business School expert says
Live from Baltimore
Published Jan-Feb 2014
With 1,000-square-foot space, video team aims to usher in new era of capabilities, outreach / Gazette
Interactive JHU news site, The Hub, launches
Published Sept 2012
Office of Communications launches The Hub, an online news center where readers can find what's new and newsworthy at the university / Gazette